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2015 Fall Product Program

Reach New Heights

This year’s program theme for the 2015 Fall Product Program is Reach New Heights Girls reach for success by striving to make a difference in their community and the world. Girls who participate in this exciting and fun program learn goal setting, decision making, money management, and business ethics.

Fall Product Program - October 2 - October 23, 2015


Fall Product Training Video

The Fall Product training video will help you learn all about the elements of the 2015 Fall Product Program. This video will prepare you and your troop coordinator for the upcoming activity. Click here to view the 2015 Fall Product Troop Coordinator Training video. Once you have watched the video, complete and submit the form at the bottom to let us know you have watched the video.


Fall Product Additional Training Videos

Girl/Parent Fall Product Training Video

How to Place Your 2015 Fall Product Order Video

Fall Product Leader/Troop Coordinator Training Guides

  1. Troop Training
  2. Girl/Parent Training

2015 Fall Product Program Timeline

September 3 - October 1
SA Coordinators train Troop Coordinators/Leaders
October 2 - October 23
Fall Product Program
October 23 By October 23 - return all product and magazine order forms and
address booklets along with the QSP Girl Online Sales Report to
troop leader or Fall Product Coordinator 

October 23-26

Troop Coordinators/Leaders enter girls' orders
November 9-13
Product deliver to service are delivery sites.
Troops pick up orders from delivery sites. Troops are to
bring all girl magazine order forms (top white form only;
retain yellow and pink forms) and address booklets to the pick-up site.

November 9-22

Leaders distribute products to girls and girls
deliver products to customers

November 22
Money due to troop leaders

November 24

Money must be deposited into troop
account on or before this date

November 30

Outstanding Balance Form(s), Permission Forms,
QSP yellow magazine forms, and receipts
are due to service center

January 4

Last day for troops to submit
NSF checks to service centers


Fall Product Recognitions

This year we have 4 magazine levels and 10 product levels. All recognitions are cumulative. Girls have the option to choose recognitions or Nutty Bucks at many recognition levels and do not have to decide if they just want Nutty Bucks or recognitions.

12+ items: Reach New Heights

25+ items: Zipper Purse   
30+ items: Super Seller Patch
40+ items: Small Giraffe



55+ items: Lap Desk or $5 Nutty Bucks


70+ items: GS Sash or Scented Hair Brush or $8 Nutty Bucks

85+ items: Pop Up Boutique or Troop Starter Kit or $10 Nutty Bucks


100+ items: Large Plush Giraffe or $12 Nutty Bucks plus 100 Club patch


150+ items: Rhinestone Headphones or Bucket Tote Bag or $15 Nutty Bucks

200+ items: Design your own tennis shoes or $50 Nutty Bucks

250+ items: Beat Pill Speaker or Kindle Fire or $150 Best Buy Card or $150 Nutty Bucks


QSP Magazines Subscription Recognitions

3+ magazines: Be Spotacular Patch                               
5+ magazines: Tie Dye Bracelet and Assorted Bobby Pins


7+ magazines: Nail Art Pens and Super Seller Magazine Patch


10+ magazines: Photo Booth Props




When girls complete the address booklet, they will receive the 2015-2016 Fall Product Patch!

Fall Products Online Sales

Any girl who achieves online fall product sales of $125 will receive a Create & Earn Your Own Giraffe Patch!

Nutty Buck Options

Starting at the 50+ item level girls have the option of choosing Nutty Bucks. If a girl chooses Nutty Bucks she will earn as follows:

50+ items: $5 in Nutty Bucks
70+ items: $8 in Nutty Bucks
85+ items: $10 in Nutty Bucks
100+ items: $12 in Nutty Bucks
150+ items: $15 in Nutty Bucks
200+ items: $50 in Nutty Bucks
250+ items: $150 in Nutty Bucks