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The Benefits of Camp

A camp experience:

  • Enhances teamwork and social skills through community living and group play
  • Develops skills, knowledge and self-confidence through exciting, challenging and fun activities
  • Strengthens self-reliance and independent living skills by being away from home
  • Provides girls with exciting and enriching opportunities for personal growth

Within a safe and supportive environment, campers participate in activities that build self-esteem and provide a sense of accomplishment, and increase awareness and responsibility toward the environment. And, of course, girls have FUN!

Our camps are designated to provide small group interactions where girls have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and others, develop their leadership and teamwork skills, meet new people and make lasting friendships.

And, at resident camp there is an added benefit from the extended time that girls participate in their program. By living away from home, girls increase their self-reliance and independent living skills. The extended time also allows for enhanced skill development in activities.

Summer camp also provides girls with guidance by positive adult role models. Staff members work together to provide a caring and encouraging environment for all girls. Camp programs are based on Girl Scout philosophy and are appropriate to the age, interests and abilities of the campers.

information for parents

Are You Ready For Camp?

Not sure if your girl is ready for camp? Or maybe you as the parent are not ready to send your girl to summer camp? Take the following short quiz.

Parent Camp Quiz

information for parents

Parents Guide for Summer Camp

Looking for some helpful tips as you get your camper ready for summer camp? Take a look at our Camper Parents Guide.


Frequently Asked Questions About Camp

commonly asked questions of parents

Does my daughter need to be a Girl Scout to register for camp?

No. Our camps are open to all girls. A $12.00 additional fee will be charged for girls who are not already members of Girl Scouts.

Can my daughter be placed with a friend/"buddy"?

Two girls wishing to attend camp together as buddies must provide that information on their registration forms.  Space is provided on the registration form to indicate ONE friend’s name.  Requests will be made for one buddy only.  We cannot guarantee buddy placement.  We cannot accommodate large group placement in the same tent or unit.

Who are the camp staff?

Our camp staff is enthusiastic, talented and caring adults who are excited about having lots of fun at camp and building girls of courage, confidence, and character.  The selection process for camp staff includes screening their experience, ability to serve as a role model and genuine desire to work with children. Interviews, reference checks and criminal background screening are all part of the selection process.  Staff training includes a full week of first aid, CPR, safety and emergency procedures, outdoor skills, team building, how to deal with homesickness, understanding age level characteristics and more.  Staff who supervise high adventure, horse backing riding, water activities and trips are required to have additional training an qualifications.

What are the ratios of staff to campers?

Brownie (2-3rd grade) 12 girls to 2 adults
Juniors (4-5th grade) 16 girls to 2 adults
Teens (6th-12th grade) 20 girls per 2 adults

Note: a camper will never be alone with an adult at camp; they will always be with an additional staff member or another camper.  In situations where 1 on 1 conversations or medical attention must happen the camper and staff member will be with in eye sight other staff or campers.

What are the meals like?

During day camp, campers will receive a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. During resident camp, campers will receive all breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well as girl planned snacks.  Meals are nutritious and serve family style. Wednesday is a cook-out day for GSCI campers as they work together to plan and make a meal over an open fire, day campers cook lunch and resident campers cook dinner. For family events, road trips, and core camping, meal availability is indicated in the description of the event or activity.

Can special diets be accommodated?

We do offer a vegetarian alternative at each meal. During breakfast, a cereal bar is available in addition to the main meal. During lunch and dinner we offer a fresh salad bar as a supplement to the main meal. If you have certain tastes, allergies, dietary needs or requirements based on religious or philosophical beliefs, we should discuss this as we may or may not be able to meet your requirements.

Can I visit the camps?

Each camp hosts a Camp Rally in May.  This is an open house format where families are welcome to see tour our camps, sample activities, and meet the staff members.

Family Friday Lunch
At the end of the week join your camper at camp to get a taste of what camp is like. Enjoy a lunch with your camper and her counselors. Lunch is from noon-1:00 pm, and check in begins at 11:45 am at the cost of $5.00 per person. Due to space we ask that no more than 2 visitors come from each family.
Not available at Community Day Camps.

Can my daughter bring a cell phone to camp?

Telephones and electronic devices are not allowed at camp and girls do not have access to phones.  In case of an emergency, parents/guardians or the emergency contact person will be contacted by phone.

Can my daughter purchase camp souvenirs?

Each camp GSCI Camp has a camp store (Trading Post) offering a variety of camp souvenirs: T-shirt, bags, water bottles, stuffed animals, pens, patches and more! Campers typically find that $15-$25 will give them the ability to buy what they would like.

How can I contact my daughter during camp?

In your camp confirmation packet you will receive the mailing address and email needed to contact your daughter during her stay at camp. We encourage you to write your daughter during camp, but remember it is often necessary to post mark mail prior to your daughters' departure to ensure she receives it in a timely manner.

Does my daughter need to a health exam before she can attend camp?

A camp-specific Health History Form and/or a Physical Form will be sent with confirmation materials. All campers must have a completed health history form turned in upon check-in for each camp session. Each resident camper or participant in a trip of more than three nights is required to have a physical completed within 24 months of the last day of the resident camp session they will be attending. Health forms from previous years of camp are not available as they are permanently stored upon closure of the camp season. Please keep a copy of the health form for your records. Bring health form and all other camp paperwork to camp check-in. Please contact the camp director two weeks prior to camp if there are any special medical or dietary needs so we can make accommodations.