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Informal Recognitions

Here are some ideas for easy ways to thank your volunteers:

  • Send a thank-you note or give them thanks in person.
  • Greet each volunteer with enthusiasm and appreciation.
  • Share volunteers’ success or impact at meetings and gatherings.
  • Be a professional reference and recommend them on LinkedIn.
  • Send cards for personal events (birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc.) and holidays
  • Utilize a volunteer suggestion box.
  • Learn about their interests, and, when possible, encourage pursuit within their role.
  • Ask them to serve in a leadership role or expand their participation.
  • Provide perks like transportation to meetings, events and workshops. If possible, reimburse travel expenses and provide child care.
  • Ask effective volunteers to recruit others who are “just like them”, or mentor a new recruit.
  • Develop their leadership skills and self-confidence.
  • Ask girls to share positive feedback about the volunteer or send a thank-you note.

Here are some meaningful, but low-cost, gifts you can put together for your volunteers:

Gift Item Card Saying
Balloon May you expand and grow as you serve.
Bath Salts To take you away.
You deserve a quiet break.
Candy Hugs and Kisses To remind you of how special you are.
Crayon To color your day bright and cheerful.
Crunchy candy bar Thanks for getting us through the crunch!
Without you we'd be in a crunch!
Donut holes Thank you a 'hole lot!
Gold coin candies You're worth your weight in gold.
Volunteers are our treasure.
Kite You help us soar to new heights!
Thanks to you our girls are soaring!
Key chain You are the key to our success!
Mints Volunteers are worth a mint.
Thanks for your commit-mint.
Nuts We'd go nuts without you!
Seed packet Thanks for helping girls grow!
Smarties You're a smarty!