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Why Choose Girl Scouting?

why choose girl scouting

Girl Scouting has a lasting impact on girls. Involving your daughter in Girl Scouts provides them with values, leadership development, diversity awareness, life skills, and community service opportunities that last a lifetime.

why choose girl scouting


Girl Scouts is a values-based organization. Girls who express a strong commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law are most likely to make positive moral decisions throughout their lives.

Leadership Development

Opportunities exist at all levels for leadership development. At each program age level, girls take on increasing leadership roles and responsibility for their own actions.

Diversity Awareness

The Girl Scout Promise and Law provide a moral compass for girls and teach them to respect one another and the differences that define individuals and cultures.

Life Skills

Girl Scouts develop the courage, confidence, and character to succeed in their adult lives.

Community Service Opportunities

Community service is at the core of the Girl Scout program, and girls of all ages strive to make the world a better place.

why choose girl scouting

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program focus areas

Leadership experiences for girls are what make Girl Scouting unique. We help every girl discover who she can be and what she can do, wherever she chooses to put her energies.

Healthy Living

Peer pressure, body image, grades, friendships . . . it can be a lot for a girl to manage, and it can take a toll on her sense of well-being. Every girl deserves to live a happy, healthy life in which she feels comfortable in her own skin, confident in her choices, and capable of fulfilling her dreams. That’s what’s at the heart of the Girl Scouts’ focus on healthy living. Being healthy requires knowledge of and commitment to making healthy choices. Girl Scouting provides girls with age-appropriate settings to turn knowledge into experience, and then turns those experiences into healthy habits for life.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy activities help girls set financial goals and gain the confidence they need to take control of their own financial futures. By developing money management skills early in life, girls learn how to increase their income, become responsible consumers, create a budget, build and manage credit, and save and invest wisely.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Girls push boundaries, test limits, and look at the world around them with inquisitive eyes. They're natural scientists! Girl Scouting introduces girls of every age to STEM activities that are relevant to everyday life. Whether they're discovering how a car's engine runs, becoming math whizzes, or learning about careers in STEM fields, girls are moving forward into the future. They can host science fairs, design websites, plan for space exploration, visit geological sites, and more.


Girl Scouting provides girls of all ages many opportunities to travel. Learning to plan trips and travel as a group is one of the basic experiences in Girl Scouting. Travel is about fun, exploration, and progressive experiences in appreciating the outdoors, new places, and other cultures. As girls grow older and more experienced in travel, the scope of their travel broadens to include travel across the country or abroad on a girl-planned trip with other girls.

The Arts

Girls envision infinite possibilities, and participation in the arts enables them to express what they see. Girl Scouts encourages girls to view the world through the eyes of discovery by helping them develop their creativity, follow their instincts, and hone their communication skills. Activities in the visual, performing, and language arts encourage girls to trust their voices and visions and create whatever they dream.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education activities allow girls to discover their strengths and build new skills while engaging with the natural world. The personal growth girls experience through Girl Scout outdoor education enriches all aspects of their lives and contributes to their development as stewards of their communities. Whether identifying winter wildlife tracks, creating nature-inspired sculptures, organizing a recycling project, or sailing, girls come to see the earth as their home. This fosters sense of caring, conservation, and responsibility to ensure the safety of our planet for future generations.